A Drop of Love

It’s called A Drop of Love, and it’s an ampoule – to be worn as a pendant around the neck, or Healing Balls with which to massage the body, depending on the type chosen – in which the waters of the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee blend together.

They are the 4 seas – in ancient Greek 4 is called tessera – that surround Israel in an embrace and unite it to the whole Middle East; to the Arab countries with which it borders, the country born on the initiative of the West as “compensation” for its responsibilities in the most atrocious and gratuitous extermination of all human history; to Europe that faces South on the “middle sea” and climbs up to Scandinavia, the English Channel, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents.

A Drop of Love mixes in its interior also the water of a sacred spring source that is near Jerusalem, in which twice a year – the longest day, June 21 from dawn to sunset, and the longest night, December 21st, from dusk to dawn – Alon Hubsch, the timeless friend of the president of TESSERE Daniele Pugliese, makes a spiritual journey in which wisdom and intention of love, peace and healing of those waters, vibrate full of energy with the sun, the air and the other substances present in matter.

Our planet and our bodies are mostly made up of water and it is a source of life, it has special qualities. We were born from water and it is a significant element in all cultures and generations, in ceremonies, symbols, religions, therapies, myths, art, etc.

Inside water, Hydrogen and Oxygen cooperate tirelessly, joining and dividing, breaking up and then joining, like the weft and warp of a weaving fabric, so keep A Drop of Love close to strengthen opinions, strengthen and become aware of the qualities contained in us, our ambitions and our limits.

The pendant version of A Drop of Love is available in 4 editions: with the silver cap on a blue cotton cord; with the golden cap on a beige cotton cord; with the silver cap on a silver chain or with a golden cap on a gold chain.

The prices of A Drop of Love vary obviously depending on the materials used, and the members of TESSERE are offered an added incentive of “buy A Drop of Love pendant and receive an extra one free” when you purchase on the website where Alon Hubsch promotes his loving and harbingers of peace objects.

To purchase A Drop of Love, simply connect to the site A Drop of Love and order, based on your choice of materials, the chosen product, specifying that you are a member of TESSERE.

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